Marian Procession at Baijalbari Parish

Tripura 31st October: On October 31st, 2023, the parish of Baijalbari organized a Marian Procession. The Marian Procession started at the Baijalbari football ground and concluded inside the parish church. Fr. Paul Panachikkal Sdb gave an introduction and explained how to go for Procession. There were seven sisters, two brothers, and around a hundred people, together with the hostel boys and girls, who participated and prayed devotedly. Br. Meban played the guitar to make the singing sweet and melodious. The rosary was led by Digen, the catechist and Tirumala, the parishioner. All the faithful and the hostel students took an active part and prayed devotedly for the rosary. The Marian Procession went on smoothly, and it was concluded with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Paul, the parish priest of Baijalbari Parish.

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