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Shillong: The International Symposium on the Salesian Charism and Don Bosco in Northeast India was...


Sacred Heart Theological College, originally known as Our Lady’s House, was opened at Laitumkhrah, Shillong, in 1928 for the formation of the Salesian Clerics. It was shifted to its present site at Mawlai in 1938.

Temporarily closed in 1967, the college was reopened in 1976. Ever since its reopening, taking into account the particular advantages of its location, the College has been striving to promote Missiological studies.

In 1981 the College was affiliated to the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS), Rome, with the decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education dated 06th June 1981. The affiliation was renewed on 05th March 1986. Since the acquisition of affiliation, the B.Th. degree has been conferred on students who do the basic course in Theology.

Since 1983 a dialogue was under way with the competent authorities of the UPS for aggregation of the College to the same University to enable the students to obtain a Master’s Degree in Systematic Theology (M.Th.) with specialization in Missiology. Aggregation was accorded to the College by a decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education dated 24th May 1989. Over one hundred students have so far completed their M.Th. studies. From 2006 SHTC offers a second specialization, namely, Master’s Degree in Spirituality.

From 1993 the College has been offering a one year Integrated Training for Laity and Religious (I.T.L.R). It is in response to a felt need of the Church in this area. The aim of the course is to impart a deeper knowledge of Christian Faith and doctrines so that it may be lived more personally and shared more competently with the people at large especially the youth.

From the academic year 2005-2006 SHTC began to offer a two year Diploma Course in Theology (D.C.T), specially designed for the Specific Formation of the Salesian Brothers. It was opened to other religious too. The Course was temporarily discontinued since 2013. From 2012 the College has been offering short-term courses on various important themes. These courses are meant for the animation of clergy and religious working in North east India.

The College has a well established Library (Otto Hopfenmuller Library) with nearly 1000 volumes of print books and several other knowledge sharing facilities. The Vendrame Institute of Publications, a College ministry, publishes regularly the well appreciated missionary journal MISSION TODAY, formerly known as IMR (Indian Missiological Review). The College has for its credit numerous volumes of publication, including the Gariya Goith publication in Sadri language.

The reach out ministry the CARING and the Sunday Ministries the College offer numerous services to the local Church and the neighborhood.

In memory of late Fr. Sngi Lyngdoh, in 2016 the College has begun the Sngi Institute for Tribal Studies (SITS) in the campus. This Institute is meant to spearhead studies and researches on tribal related issues, theological reflections on tribal cultures and promotion of the process of contextualization of faith.

Formation of Students of Theology, Oratory, Ricket ministry, Publications, DBCIC Museum, Shrine of Sacred Heart for spiritual animation of people, hostel for students and pastoral ministry.


    Contact Person

    Fr. Barjo Philip

    Contact Details

    location_citySacred Heart Theological College
    Mawlai, Shillong-793008


    Fr. Barjo Philip : Rector
    Fr. Thyrniang Giles : Adm. & Sunday Youth Ministry
    Fr. Chunkupura Jose : President, Rickets Ministry
    Fr. Denis Lalfela : Dir. DBCIC, Professor
    Fr. Kannanayakkal Antony : Registrar
    Br. Abraham M. Antony : Librerian
    Fr. Chiharmei K Alayee Pius : Professor
    Fr. Kozhuppathadam Gervasis :Confessor, Umden Project

    BTh - IV

    1. Alphonse Soosai Adimai : INT
    2. Bara Joseph : ING
    3. Barla Sandeep : IND
    4. Barwa Romanus : ING
    5. Varengnao R Yursem David : IND
    6. Dutta Arvind Hansel : INC
    7. Elvitigalage Don Chamara Gayan : LKC
    8. Emmatty Nijo John : INC
    9. Erikkatu Jilson Jose : INK
    10. George Johns : IND
    11. Kharkongor Jeffree : INS
    12. Khupzaliana Ngaihte Patrick : INS
    13. Lakra Vivek : ING
    14. Maramreddy Bala Dilip : INH
    15. Minj Paul : ING
    16. Mullangi Indrajith Gupta : INH
    17. Peter Joan Marshal : INT
    18. Ralte Dominic Eddie Lalrintluanga : INS
    19. Syiem Barnabas : INS
    20. Syiemlieh Eldingland : INS
    21. Tudu Hopna : ING

    BTh - III
    1. Amsong Silverius : ING
    2. Arul Anandam : INN
    3. Bagsingh Pramod : INH
    4. Beesupaka Suman : INH
    5. Besra Nanku Nicholas : INC
    6. Ekka Prabhat Ravi : ING
    7. Garasiya Mukesh : INC
    8. Innacimuthu Rex : INT
    9. Jesuraj Felix Joseph : INT
    10. Kadulung Emmanuel : IND
    11. Kerketta Mashi : IND
    12. Kharsohtun Abialstar : INS
    13. Kujur George : IND
    14. Kunnappally Jith : INB
    15. Lakra Rajib : ING
    16. Murmu John : INN
    17. Nongsiej Aiborlang : INS
    18. Pamei Imchangngam Paul : IND
    19. Phikuto Xavier Mathias : IND
    20. Syngkli Protasius : INS
    21. Tigga Stephen : IND

    BTh - II

    1. Anthony Cyril : INK
    2. Bara Simon : INC
    3. Dkhar Shemphang : INS
    4. Dkhar Shiningstar : INS
    5. Gabriel Ngouning Jacob : IND
    6. Gomes Tushar : INC
    7. Hasda Tapan : INC
    8. James Agnel : INB
    9. John Peter Doss Jepison : INT
    10. Joy Amal M : IND
    11. Kalapurackal Michael Jithin : INK
    12. Kharbuki Mark Anthony : INS
    13. Kharpran Sawlus : INS
    14. Kharsyntiew Synsharsuklang : INS
    15. Kujur Sachin : ING
    16. Lakra Bipin Kumar : ING
    17. Lyngdoh Reuben : INS
    18. Marak Bromio Ch : ING
    19. Mardi Dominic : ING
    20. Mawa Albert Tron ; LKC
    21. Minj Shashi David : IND
    22. Molla Biswajit : INC
    23. Mondol Bijoy : INC
    24. Murmu Korwa Habil : IND
    25. Murmu Mohan : INC
    26. Panackavayil George Albin : IND
    27. Sangma Anthony A : ING
    28. Savarimuthu Clan Zachariyas : INT
    29. Sun Kamborsing : INS
    30. Syiem Jarnel : INS
    31. Tympuiñ Kyrbasius : INS
    32. Tyngkan Kitboklang : INS
    33. Vincent Lawrance : INB
    34. Warjri Khlaiñbor : INS

    BTh - I
    1. Basumatary Sujit : ING
    2. Ekka Satish Kumar : INN
    3. D’Mello Selvin : INB
    4. Dungdung Birendra : ING
    5. Ganawa Vinay : INB
    6. Gollapalle David Sundar Raj : INH
    7. Jacob Jeremiah : INN
    8. Kerketta Gregory : IND
    9. Khardewsaw Shanborlin : INS
    10. Kujur Binoy : IND
    11. Kujur Jonas : ING
    12. Lyngdoh Nongbri Shelestin : INS
    13. Minj Francis Xavier : ING
    14. Muliar Santreki : INS
    15. Puma Philemon : ING
    16. Rabha Kolombiya : ING
    17. Sangma Chebath M. : ING
    18. Sangma Cherak : ING
    19. Sangma Jecky : ING
    20. Shingana Daikho Mathew : IND
    21. Sohshang Donald Savio : INS
    22. Sohshang Jetendis : INS
    23. Tigga Sanjay : INN
    24. Wangsu Wanbo George : IND