Visit of Sr. Philo The Mother General and Delegation from the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul

20th February,Baijalbari: The visit of Sr. Philo, the Mother General of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul, along with Sr. Rose Maria, General Councilor, Sr. Gincy, and Mr. Tom, a friend and benefactor from America, to Don Bosco School,Baijalbari was a momentous occasion filled with inspiration and valuable insights for the students and staff alike. The visit aimed to strengthen the bond between the sisters of Charity and the school, while also providing an opportunity for the esteemed guests to impart wisdom and encouragement to the students. Upon arrival at Don Bosco School, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Br. Alexius Condpan, the Principal, in the school assembly. Traditional Rishas symbolizing hospitality and respect were presented to all the guests as a sign of welcome. The traditional welcome set the tone for a memorable and meaningful visit. Sr. Philo addressed the students, emphasizing the importance of goodness and dedication to studies. Her words resonated deeply with the audience as she urged the students to uphold the values of compassion and service, which lie at the heart of the Sisters of Charity's mission. Sr. Philo's presence served as a source of inspiration, reminding the students of the profound impact they can make through acts of kindness and a commitment to learning. Mr. Tom, a friend and benefactor from America, also addressed the students, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to visit Don Bosco School. He highlighted the privilege of receiving an education at such an esteemed institution and encouraged the students to cherish this opportunity. Mr. Tom emphasized the significance of education in shaping their future, urging them to approach their studies with diligence and determination. The visit of Sr. Philo and the delegation from the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul, along with Mr. Tom, left a lasting impression on the students and staff of Don Bosco School. Their words of wisdom and encouragement served to reaffirm the school's commitment to academic excellence and service to others. The visit underscored the importance of fostering partnerships between educational institutions and organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes, further enriching the educational experience for all involved. Br. Alexius Condpan, the Principal thanked Sr. Philo and others and expressed that, Don Bosco School is looking forward to collaborating more with the Sisters of Charity and remains grateful for their unwavering support and guidance.

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