In the 1960’s, the Salesian Society procured the 14-acre bushy land on the shores of Umiam lake. It was in 2002, when Fr. George Palamattam returned after his doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Francisco, he began to discuss about the possibility of setting up a specialized centre at the above-mentioned site. With due permissions, the work began in 2004 and the Staff Block was blessed and inaugurated on 4 February 2006 by Archbishop Dominic Jala. Meanwhile the construction of a residence for the support staff also was completed.
By the middle of 2008, a spacious residence for nearly 70 persons, with an enchanting lobby, 80-seater conference room, dining hall and many other facilities, was complete. The work continued on another part of the project, the Trail of the Saints, number of water front cottages each named after a saint who journeyed and found new directions and purposefulness in life. The church was completed and blessed on.


The name Siloam is biblical. The Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem is always related to healing. Siloam on the calm shores of Umiam Lake is meant to be a place of healing and renewal for all who seek the ‘fullness of life’ that Jesus offers. The number of programs held at Siloam in the past years is a testimony to the fact that people of every age and strata of life seek deeper meaningfulness in their lives. Some of the noble objectives of Siloam are: to help individuals to discover and understand self and others, to maximize the human potential, to foster family life, to enhance matrimonial relationships, to impart counseling and guidance skills to teachers, to assist priests and religious to live their lives with greater commitment as well as to help the candidates their vocational discernment, and to train up leadership at every level for the third millennium.


More than 140 programmes have been organized in the year 2016 for various groups. Apart from Retreats and Youth Development and Faith related programmes, the place is also given to animate and offer programmes to civil groups when they require. Deserving Catholic youth groups are given the place at very concessional rate. The recently held Galilee Trail Programme for selected college youth has been a great success. The Centre is turning out to be a highly appreciated one for the quality of its programmes and the beauty of the ambient if offers. Financially it is self-sustaining.