YaR Orientation Meeting Held in Shillong

Shillong, 6th May 2024: The YaR Orientation Meeting, attended by members of the 5th Provincial Chapter, took place at the Pastoral Centre with the aim of comprehending the role of Salesians in 'Empowering Families and Communities for the Care of Young People at Risk.' The session was animated by Father Joseph Prabhu, Secretary of the Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk (YaR), and Father Bosco Francis, In-Charge of Migrant Ministry, South Asia Region, on 6th May 2024. Father Provincial warmly welcomed and introduced the participants, who were then led into an animated discussion on the DB YaR forum by Father Joseph Prabhu. He delved into the topic of Young People at Risk, providing relevant statistics and historical context. Additionally, he elucidated the National Policy concerning Family Empowerment and the core values of the Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk. In the subsequent session, Father Bosco Francis presented his research on the situation of migrants in the North East, particularly within the Shillong Province. Drawing from his findings, Father Bosco proposed actionable steps for the Province to address the needs of both in-migrants and out-migrants, whether inter-state or intra-state migrants. The sessions were dynamic, with participants engaging in lively discussions and interactive exchanges.

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