Twelve Salesian Religious Embrace Perpetual Vows at St. Dominic Savio Parish Mawlai

Shillong 24 May 2024: In a poignant ceremony steeped in tradition and fervent devotion, St. Dominic Savio Parish in Mawlai bore witness to the final profession of twelve Salesian religious, a testament to their unwavering commitment to a life dedicated to serving God and humanity. Led by the newly appointed Provincial of Shillong, Father John Zosiama, the solemn occasion was graced by the presence of esteemed Salesian confreres, dignitaries, and hundreds of faithful congregants. Among the twelve individuals pledging their perpetual vows, eight hailed from the Shillong Province, three from Dimapur Province, and one from Hyderabad Province, representing a diverse tapestry of dedication and service within the Salesian community. The gathering was further enriched by the presence of luminaries such as the Provincial of Kolkata Province, the former Provincial of Shillong Province, as well as the old and new Council Members of the Shillong Province, alongside rectors, priests, and other revered religious figures. In his soul-stirring homily, Father John Zosiama extended heartfelt congratulations to the perpetual confreres embarking on the profound journey of final commitment. He eloquently illuminated the challenges inherent in embracing lives of chastity, poverty, and obedience, particularly in a cultural milieu dominated by ephemeral pursuits of transient happiness. "Today's culture is one of seeking temporary fulfillment," remarked Father Zosiama, underscoring the countercultural ethos of the Salesian charism, which calls for an unwavering dedication to the enduring values epitomized by Jesus Christ. Drawing inspiration from the theme of the Chapter—passionate about Jesus—Father Zosiama exhorted the assembly to emulate the apostolic zeal of Christ, who beckons each believer to a life of radical discipleship. Quoting the apostle Paul, he evoked the profound sentiment encapsulated in the words, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain," emphasizing the transformative power of surrendering oneself entirely to the divine will. "It is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me," he declared, challenging the gathered faithful to respond generously to the call of the Gospel. Expressing gratitude to the Almighty for the gift of the twelve newly professed brothers, Father Zosiama underscored their pivotal role as beacons of God's love among the marginalized youth—a sacred trust bestowed upon them in the venerable footsteps of Don Bosco. He beseeched the congregation to fervently pray for the steadfast perseverance and unwavering faith of these dedicated individuals as they embark on this lifelong odyssey of service and sacrifice. Following the stirring homily, the rite of perpetual profession unfolded with solemnity and reverence, punctuated by the invocation of the intercession of the saints. One by one, each aspirant knelt before their superior, solemnly professing their unyielding commitment to remain steadfast as Salesian religious, perpetuating the timeless legacy of Don Bosco and embodying the transformative power of love and service. As the echoes of solemn vows reverberated throughout the hallowed sanctuary of St. Dominic Savio Parish, a palpable sense of reverence and anticipation filled the air—a poignant reminder of the enduring strength and resilience of the Salesian spirit, which continues to inspire countless souls to embrace lives of selflessness, compassion, and unwavering devotion.

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