Thousands of faithful gathered in Rangblang parish marking the joyous occasion of its 42nd anniversary

October 29, 2023, Rangblang: On the vibrant morning of October 29, 2023, Mary Mother of the Church Rangblang Parish came alive with the devout gathering of thousands of faithful, both within and outside the parish, marking the joyous occasion of its 42nd anniversary since its establishment. The day commenced with a solemn Morning Prayer and Holy Mass led by the esteemed Parish Priest, Fr. Edmund Lakra, accompanied by Fr. Jeffree, the Assistant Parish Priest, the dedicated sisters, and the enthusiastic faithful. Following a heartwarming communal lunch, the parishioners engaged in a deeply spiritual Eucharistic adoration, a moment of profound connection with the divine. The afternoon unfolded into a felicitation program, where the Parish Priest and all the esteemed church leaders were honored for their unwavering commitment and service. This year held a special significance as it marked the centenary year of the FMA Sisters. In celebration, the sisters presented a captivating drama depicting the life of Mary Mazzarello, the co-founder, along with Don Bosco, of the Auxilium Sisters. The audience was spellbound, captivated by the well-prepared performance, reflecting the dedication and artistry of the performers. The program further came alive with a plethora of cultural performances, including soul-stirring songs, engaging skits, graceful dances, and a fusion dance that infused the event with vibrant hues. The Parish Day of Mary Mother of the Church Rangblang Parish on October 28, 2023, will be etched in the hearts of the faithful, a testament to the deep-rooted faith, unity, and cultural richness of the parish community.

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