Shillong Province Welcomes New Provincial

Shillong, India (December 14, 2023) – The Salesian Province of St. John Paul II, Shillong, received joyous news today the 14th December 2023 with the announcement of Father John Zosiama's appointment as its third Provincial. Father Zosiama, currently serving as Vice Provincial, will assume office later next year 2024, succeeding Father Paul O. Lyngkot upon the completion of his term. Father Biju Michael, Regional Councilor for South Asia, made the official announcement from Rome. Father Zosiama, born on August 20, 1973, and ordained a priest on December 20, 2003, will be the first Mizo priest to hold the position of Provincial in the province's history. A respected Professor of Theology, Father Zosiama is also a prolific author. He has served as the Province's Vocation Promoter and Vocation Incharge, contributing significantly to the growth of priestly vocations. He has also held various other leadership roles within the province. The appointment of Father Zosiama has been met with enthusiasm and optimism from the Salesian community in Shillong. His dedication to education, his commitment to vocations, and his strong leadership skills make him well-suited to guide the Province towards continued growth and service.

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