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        As early as 1950, the missionaries from Marbisu began making contacts with the villages of Rambrai. With the creation of Nongstoiñ Parish in 1966, the contacts became more frequent and the number of Catholics steadily increased among the Mahrams of the areas.          Fr. George Vanni, while stationed at Nongstoiñ, dedicated much of his energy to the development of the mission centre at Rambrai. The efforts resulted in the creation of Mount Calvary Parish of Rambrai.  The new Parish, carved out of Nongstoiñ Parish was officially inaugurated in1997. After the death of Fr. Vanni on 10th November 2003, Fr. Peter Syiemlieh assumed charge as Parish Priest in March 2004. Fr. Sylvester Synrem, Fr. Isaac Mattappillil, Fr. Cornelius Panna and Fr. Justin Lyngkhoi served as Assistant Priests for short terms. The parish mourned the sudden passing away of Fr. Justin on 29th July 2008. In 2009, Fr. Bernard Pala and Fr. Parackatte Mathew were appointed Assistant Priests. Presently, Fr. Nonglang Telesphor is the Parish Priest and Vice- Rector and Fr. Kharshandi John is the Assistant Priest.

St. John Bosco Secondary School (proceeding Higher Secondary) at the Parish Centre provides education to the people in an around Rambrai. There is a boarding-house that caters to the need of those boys from the far flung villages of the parish and some are from Nongstoin area. The network of primary and upper primary schools in the villagers caters to the education of the children.

            The FMA sisters set up St. Mary Mazzarello convent in 1996 and rendered dedicated service in the Parish, at the School as well as in the Villages the Parish Council and the various Lay Associations like the Seng Rangbah, the Seng Kynthei and the Seng samla collaborate in the running of the parish.


        They are spread out in 80 villages, in different hills of Nongstoin district, of West Khasi Hills. All the inhabitants are indigenous people belonging the Khasi community of the Mongloid origin. About 95 % are Christians Approximately, the whole area is 400 Sq KM, bordering the state of Assam. Some villages are very small with just 6 to 10 families and are hidden in the hilly forests. These villagers need special care and guidance, as they are completely cut off from outside world. The light of modern life style has not reached them yet, and most of the youth get married in their teens; so they have big number of children. To have 10 or 12 children is nothing special for this area, but very few survive, as the child mortality is very high. This is because of ignorance, they fall easy victims of different diseases.

Parish Ministry, MBOSE School (Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary), Hostel for boys, Chaplaincy.

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