Don Bosco Youth Centre Shillong greeted Don Bosco with graduation ceremony

Shillong 31st January: Come 31st January and it is solemnity for the Salesians and their associates. In the Don Bosco Youth Centre, the solemn festivity of St. John Bosco is honoured by the graduation of those who attended the Winter Computer Camp. The simple but meaningful program started with the prayer and Scripture reading. Fr Michael Makri the Director then gave the welcome speech and introduction words, he said: ‘Dear graduates, dear teachers, Fr Jeevan our Rector, George and our brothers here!
Welcome to this Graduation Ceremony.

It is my privilege and great honor to welcome Fr Paul, the Provincial of Shillong Province and the President of DBYC. Fr Provincial has kindly agreed to be our guest speaker for today. It would be the proverbial ‘carrying of owls to Athens’ to try to enumerate the Provincial’s numerous achievements and works in the Province. Let me just mention that he is a dedicated Priest of Don Bosco - an undertaking that is dear to our hearts, too. He was also our former Director here. If you have seen so many changes in this institution, the credit goes to him. We, the present administration carried out his watchwords: “If you can dream it, you can make it.” And so we are here today.

We sincerely greet and welcome ONLINE Captain of the US Army Reserve, Capt. Deshauna Barber. Captain Deshauna was Miss District of Columbia USA in 2016 and became the first American Army to win the prestigious Miss USA pageant in 2016. Captain Deshauna has favored us with giving her motivational speech via a video presentation. We are glad that we can consider Captain Deshauna as our role model to never give up in life.

    I want to welcome and also thank Bah Ricky our clerk and also Miss Bahun our teacher. Both have work very hard for printing and getting the certificate issued today. Sincerest thanks to Miss Bahun – she has taught you just like a mother who nurses for her little child with much love and dedication.

    We are here this morning to celebrate and say farewell to our graduates. This is a proud moment not only for the graduates and their families. It is also a proud moment for our institution. We celebrate this graduation in front of the statue of Don Bosco as today it is his feast day. We salute him – who never fail to stop inspiring us to love and care for the young. This institution that has served so many youth for the past 38 years, it is because Don Bosco through the instrumentality of Fr Cilia and others have believed that it is in ‘giving that we receive; - yes we have received so many blessings because we have given our best services to the most deserved youngsters.

    A quick look at statistics tells me that this graduation cohort consists of 43 students coming from different parts of our state and even from other neighboring states. Many of you have given a very good and emotional feedback and majority of you proposed that the winter camp be continued. We will definitely make the program better and better for the betterment of our future generations.

    Dear graduate; please know that together with you – our institution has trained 5012 students in 2021 alone. We have sponsored 173 poor students without taking a penny for their various training here in this year 2021. During the pandemic from June 4th to August 26th 2021, our institution served as a corona centre and we have treated 138 corona patients for free of cost. About 200+ students were given job placements in various companies and many are doing well today. All these are possible because of the love and co-operation we receive from both the management and the students’ community. The credit goes to all of you.

    Usually on any graduation day, lots of awards are presented to students, but here we give a general award because all of you were outstanding in your performance. It will not be fair to pick up one or two and laud them.. you all deserved to be awarded.

    A solid training for your future is what DBYC delivers. However, we also want you to become good citizens in today’s globalized world. This is the educational system of Don Bosco, our founder – this is our system. This, I think, you have noticed how our teachers and staffs interacted with all of you during your stay here. We are certain that you have profited from this, you have learned to appreciate each other and are happy to have made friends, good friends and form good citizens.
    Dear graduates, today we bid you farewell. Thank you for your many contributions to DBYC. You are our best ambassadors. Spread the word that DBYC is a good place to be. And be assured that you find open doors whenever you pass by. We want to stay in touch – keep watching also the Don Bosco Media Network, our news channel and many other programs from here. Come and visit us any time.

    Fare you well and may your future be bright.”

    After his speech, Fr Paul O Lyngkot the chief guest also greeted and praise the youth who graduated this year. He praised the management for the services rendered to the society through the Don Bosco Youth Centre of the Province. After songs and dances – certificates were distributed to the graduates.


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