Shillong 26th August: On 25th August 2023, the Novitiate Community organized the Speech Competition. The Programme began at 5:30 pm where Br. Deiborlang Nongtdu and Br. Gilbert Sangriang came as judges. The thirty Novices prepared a topic beforehand and delivered confidently. The presence of all the fathers (Fr. V. T Jose- Novice Master, Fr. Pyndeilang and Fr. Prabir Minj) was a great encouragement to the Novices. The Competition lasted for two hours. At the end of the programme, Br. Deiborlang gave a message where he congratulated the Novices for their wonderful performance and shared his joy of being part of the programme. Br. Gilbert also shared some points of improvement as takeaways for the Novices for their future improvement and left this message for the Novices, "You may be physically unattractive but if you're confident, you look cool and attractive. "When everything was done, the Assistant proposed a vote of thanks, thanking everyone for having contributed to the great success of the event. Listening to the thirty different topics, everyone was happy and inspired for having learned a lot at a straight.

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