Shillong 28th June: On June 27 2023 the community gathered to bid farewell to their confreres namely Fr. Alistair Marweiñ the Principal and vice Rector, Fr. Sylvanus Lyngdoh the Counselor, Fr. Michael Khongngaiñ the Administrator and Br. Cleophas Lyngdoh the Assistant who were leaving for their next assignment. The farewell program was held at the Ravalico hall. The program was opened with a prayer led by Br. James Marbaniang who thanked God for the blessings and guidance given to the community by the departing members. The program was then facilitated by the brothers and the boys who shared some highlights of the departing members’ time in the community. They paid tribute to their efforts dedication and selflessness in serving the community. The program proceeded with a series of touching and emotional speeches, songs, instrumental etc. Fr. Rector shared the experiences with the departing members on behalf of the community. He talked about how the community had been inspired by their leadership guidance and admired their commitment to their faith and service to the community. They will be truly missed. The program reached Its peak when the departing members were invited to say their final words. They spoke gratefully about the time they have spent in the community. They thanked the community for their friendship support and faith in them. They also talked about their excitement for the next chapter of their journey to serve their new community. The program then ended with a hymn To Don Bosco. The farewell program was certainly an emotionally charged but yet meaningful celebration of the remarkable work of the departing members and their service to the community. Although their departure leaves a void in the community the memories and lessons they left will continue to inspire and guide the community for years to come.

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