The Feast of St. John Bosco Cum Farewell of Class-X Students

31st January 2024, Baijalbari: The Feast of St. John Bosco, combined with a farewell ceremony for the class-X students, was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm at Don Bosco School Baijalbari, on January 31st, 2024. The event marked a significant moment for both the departing students and the entire school community. The festivities commenced with a solemn Holy Eucharist celebrated specifically for the Class-X students. This spiritual initiation set a reverent tone for the day’s proceedings, emphasizing the importance of faith and guidance as the students prepare to embark on new journeys. Following the Eucharist, a heartfelt blessing was imparted upon the departing students. This ritual symbolized the school’s wishes for their success and well-being in all their future endeavors. A vibrant cultural showcase unfolded, featuring various performances and presentations. Students showcased their talents through music, dance, and song, adding colour and liveliness to the event. Sr. Pushpa, the Vice-Principal, extended gratitude and felicitations to the Salesians on their Feast Day. This gesture acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the Salesian community to the school’s ethos and mission. Rev. Fr. Paul Panachhikal delivered an inspiring motivational talk, urging the students to remain dedicated to their studies and aspirations. His words of encouragement instilled confidence and determination among the young minds, reinforcing the importance of education in shaping their futures. Br. Alexius Condpan, the Principal, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the transformative power of education. He reminded the students that true education goes beyond academics, advocating for personal growth and the cultivation of values that contribute to becoming good and exemplary citizens. The Feast of St. John Bosco cum Farewell of Class-X students was a memorable occasion filled with spiritual enrichment, cultural vibrancy, and words of wisdom. As the Class-X students bid farewell to their alma mater, they carry with them not only academic achievements but also the values and lessons imparted by their dedicated mentors and the Salesian tradition. This event served as a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic education and the nurturing of individuals equipped to positively impact society. We wish all our dear students Good Luck for their Exams.

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