DBTS Hostellers Embark on Spiritual Pilgrimage to St. John Bosco Shrine in Sohra

DBTS, Shillong; 26th January 2024: In a spiritually enriching journey, hostellers from Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS) in Shillong embarked on a pilgrimage to the St. John Bosco Shrine located in Sohra. The pilgrimage, organized by the fathers and brothers, aimed to provide the hostellers with a unique opportunity for spiritual reflection and to foster a sense of community and togetherness as part of the celebration of the feast of St. John Bosco the father, Teacher and Friend of Youth. The pilgrimage, which took place on 26th January 2024, saw a group of enthusiastic hostellers accompanied by Fr. Raphael Tham the counselor along with the other brothers making the picturesque journey to Sohra. St. John Bosco, the patron saint of the school, holds a special place in the hearts of the students, and the shrine dedicated to him in Sohra is a significant pilgrimage site. Upon reaching the shrine, the hostellers participated in novena prayer and participated in the Holy Eucharistic Celebration. The serene surroundings of Sohra added a tranquil backdrop to the spiritual experience, allowing the Hostellers to connect with their faith and with each other on a deeper level. Fr. Raphael Tham, the Counselor, expressed his satisfaction with the successful organization of the pilgrimage. He highlighted the importance of such initiatives in fostering a holistic approach to education. "It's not just about academic excellence; we aim to nurture the spiritual and moral growth of our students. The pilgrimage to St. John Bosco Shrine was a wonderful opportunity for them to strengthen their faith and build a sense of unity,". The hostellers, filled with a sense of gratitude and reflection, returned to DBTS with renewed spirits. Many expressed their appreciation for the chance to undertake the pilgrimage and shared how it had positively impacted their spiritual journey. The pilgrimage to the St. John Bosco Shrine in Sohra not only provided a platform for religious devotion but also allowed the DBTS hostellers to forge lasting bonds with their peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie that goes beyond the classroom. As the hostellers resume their academic activities, the echoes of the pilgrimage are expected to linger, contributing to a more holistic and enriched educational experience at Don Bosco Technical School.

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