Newly Renovated St. Joseph Parish Church Blessed Amidst Rain by Rt Reverend Bishop Ferdinand Dkhar

Shillong: Under a canopy of heavy rain, the Parish Church of St. Joseph in Laitkor witnessed a momentous occasion as it was blessed after undergoing extensive renovations. The solemn ceremony, held on May 5, 2024, was presided over by the Rt Reverend Bishop Ferdinand Dkhar of Jowai Diocese, accompanied by a host of clergy members and thousands of faithful congregants. Despite the inclement weather, the faithful braved the rain to participate in the blessing ceremony, underscoring the significance of the event for the community. The atmosphere was one of anticipation and reverence as the parish priest, Fr. Sylvester Synrem, along with Fr. Paul O Lyngkot, the ex-provincial of Shillong province, and Fr. James Thyrniang, the Economer of Shillong Province, led the congregation in prayer. In his heartfelt homily, Bishop Ferdinand commended the parish priest and the faithful for the magnificence of the renovated church. Reflecting on his own journey, he reminisced about his time as a brother in the Laitkor Chapel, situated in the same location, and expressed gratitude for the inspiration he received from the youth and leaders of that time, which eventually led him to priesthood. He emphasized that the church is not merely a physical structure but a community of believers, each playing a vital role in its life and mission. The blessing ceremony commenced with a symbolic gesture as Father Paul and Father James cut the ribbon, officially inaugurating the newly renovated church. This was followed by the solemn blessing imparted by Bishop Ferdinand, invoking God's grace and protection upon the parish and its congregation. The ceremony culminated in a joyous celebration of the Holy Mass, uniting the faithful in prayer and thanksgiving. In the afternoon, the festivities continued with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament led by Father Paul, fostering a deeper spiritual connection among the worshippers. The day concluded with a vibrant cultural program, showcasing the rich diversity and talents of the parish community. The blessing of the renovated St. Joseph Parish Church serves as a testament to the unwavering faith and dedication of its members, as well as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations. As the rain poured down, it seemed to symbolize not only the cleansing and renewal of the church but also the abundant blessings showered upon all who gather within its sacred walls.

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