4th May 2024, Byndihati: The English Department of Don Bosco College, Byndihati, in collaboration with the College IQAC, orchestrated a vibrant Literary Exhibition on May 4, 2024. The event commenced at 10:00 a.m. with an inaugural program in the College Auditorium, graced by the esteemed presence of Shri. Krison Langstang, the MDC of 26 Sumer Constituency, as the Chief Guest. In his address, Shri. Langstang emphasized the significance of purpose-driven learning, urging students to pursue knowledge with genuine eagerness rather than mere degree acquisition. Ms. Lily Mary Siangshai, the HOD, extended a warm welcome, while Fr. George Shining Lyngkhoi SDB, the Principal, delivered a pertinent message. Eight groups of students from the English Department showcased diverse literary themes, ranging from Classic Fantasy to Khasi/Pnar literature. Each group presented captivating tableaus, stalls, artworks, and articles, reflecting their creativity and dedication. Following an engaging afternoon of presentations, the jury declared the group representing Khasi/Pnar Literature as the exhibition's winner. Dalit literature and Greek literature groups secured the first and second runners-up positions, respectively. Fr. Principal lauded the participants for their commendable efforts during the prize distribution ceremony. The event culminated with a heartfelt 'Vote of Thanks' by Ms. Eureka Dkhar, Asst. Professor of English Department, followed by a joyous photo session. The exhibition not only celebrated the students' talents but also provided a platform for holistic learning beyond conventional syllabi. Enthusiastic anticipation for future endeavors permeated the atmosphere, marking the event's resounding success.

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