Installation of the New Rector the Pre-Novitiate and the Initiation of the Pre-Novices

Tripura 20th July: The 20th of July marks the red letter day for the community of Bosco Home Herma, the Pre-novitiate of our province. Where the new Rector and Director of the Pre-novitiate Rev Fr. Glorious Syiemlieh was installed by Fr. Provincial during the Holy sacrifice of the Mass. What made it more special was the initiation of the 30 Pre-novices to the pre-novitiate. It’s a sign where the pre-novices give themselves totally to the Director to be formed and to be guided according to the will of God. This reminds us of the incident where Dominic Savio surrendered himself to Don Bosco saying; ‘I am a cloth, you are a tailor, make a beautiful garment of me for the Lord’. During the homily, Fr. Provincial stresses on trusting the Lord and to walk the talk. He also urges all the confreres and the pre-novices to take and carry the yoke of Jesus in our vocational journey. We thank God for the former Rector and Director Rev. Fr. Matthew Mathachan for the 6 years of service he rendered in serving the community and we wish Fr. Glorious a very best for the service he’s going to render for the next coming years.

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