Rilang Children experienced God’s healing touch and love at Holy Redeemer Retreat Centre

July 20, 2023: On July 14–17, 2023, fifteen children from Rilang Children's Home in Nongthymmai attend a student retreat at Holy Redeemer Renewal Centre in Umroi with Cl. Ricky Kmenlang Mawlong SDB. The retreat begin at 5:30 pm with the Jericho Rosary, then followed by Holy Mass presided by Fr. Jude the official exorcist of Shillong Archdiocese. There are different sessions every by different priests on different topics , such us sin, confession, important of the word of God. The most important thing that happens is the 4 hours long healing adoration led by Fr. Regi the Superior of the center and many who attends receive healings, deliverence. The children could witness and experience the power of prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Jude during his homily on the 17th July exhorts the faithful to be true and faithful to the Word of God. When one does and keeps the Word of God one experience peace and love, when one doesn't obey the Word of God then one experience chaos and there will be no peace. The children experienced God's healing touch and love.

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