Felicitation program for the Jubilees at Bishramganj Parish: Fr. Sunny and Fr. Babu Stephen

Tripura 30th October: The jubilation program for the jubilees was held at Bishramganj Parish on October 30, 2023. The program started immediately after the Holy Mass at 6:45 p.m. The whole program was planned and animated by the youths of Bishramganj Parish. The program started with a song from the youths of Baijalbari Parish, and there was a reang dance by the youths. A short clip is presented about the priestly journey of Fr. Sunny and Fr. Babu Stephen. There was a cake cutting by the Jubilees together with Fr. KK. Joseph, who just celebrated his birthday on October 29th. There were also some other items, like dance and song. Sisters from Pathliaghat performed a song for the jubilees. Fr. KK. Joseph talks about the Jubilees, appreciating their hard work and sacrifices. Fr. Sunny also spoke about his journey as a priest, especially when he was in Bishramganj, and Fr. Babu Stephen also shared about the struggle they faced in the family, about his vocation story, and about his priestly ministry. Finally, Fr. Albester expressed his sentiments to all who were responsible for the smooth running of the program. He also thanked the Jubileeians and all the religious and faithful for their availability to attend the Jubilee celebration. Supper was served to everyone.

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