First Youth Musical Meet Cum Seminar Programme of Mohorpara Deanery

Tripura 29th October: The youths of Mohorpara Deanery, consisting of five parishes, gathered together for the first youth musical meet and cum seminar program at Mohorpara Parish from October 27th to October 29th, 2023. More than 400 youth from five parishes took part in the program. The program started on the 27th evening, and it was concluded on the 29th morning with Holy Mass. The three-day program was a time of reflection for all the youth. One full day was on Saturday, and on this day, there were four speakers speaking at different times. Fr. PJ, the Salesian Priest, spoke on faith in the Church; Ryan Debbarma, the Secretary of Baijalbari Parish, spoke on drugs; and Simon from Baromaidan also spoke on drugs and shared about his past and how he overcame drug addiction. Sr. Arona, Sister of Ajmer, spoke on voting and the church. In between the talks, there are competitions, praise and worship, Cultural program etc. Fr. Paul Panachikkal celebrated the Holy Mass on Saturday, and during the homily, he spoke about vocation to the Church and the misuse of mobile phones. On the 29th of October, Bishop Lumen celebrated the Holy Mass and concluded the First Youth Musical Meet Cum Seminar Program of Mohorpara Deanery. The purpose of this youth gathering was to bring awareness to the youth about the effects of drugs and mobile addiction, to strengthen the faith of all the young boys and girls, and to bring each one closer to Jesus.

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