Shillong 17th June: The orientation for the incoming batch of class XI (Arts) was held at Christ King’s Don Bosco Hall on June 16th 2023. There were a total of sixty three students hailing from varied localities that stretches across the length and breath of this huge area. Ethnicities of various tribes - Lyngngam, Nongtrai, Maram, and even Garo - were represented. The Chairman of the institution, Fr. Sabastian Tirkey sdb, gave a warm welcome speech right after the reading of the Bible (Ecclesiasticus - The Origin of Wisdom 1:1-10) by Miss Darihun Iawphniaw, followed by prayers of thanks by Miss Conchita Pyngrope. Fr. Sabastian Tirkey gave poignant and well-timed lecture on the origin of wisdom - that it came from above and ever present, if only we could listen and hear its murmur. It is as high as the sky and as wide as the earth itself; it is as deep as the abyss of the ocean and as shallow as our prudent understanding of it could muster. To be wise, he seemed to suggest, that a student must avail its resources to capacity since by nature its capaciousness is boundless; only to be manifested and weighed in our own extrernal actions, thereby revealing just how much we had appreciated its sublime gifts bestowed upon us, whether rightly or wrongly. The incumbent Class XII gave a wonderful welcome song with heart and minds just as sincere and poignant followed immediately by the reading of the school rules by Sir Barilang Lyngkhoi. There was a brief commotion when Miss Conchita allowed the new students to introduce themselves. It was a pleasant surprise to find some of the girls taking sports seriously (“I love playing football” etc). Next we had a modern dance sequence by Class XII girls followed by a short speech by Sir Savio Iawphniaw. He stressed the importance of discipline and discovery, how the world as we know it comes from one’s own imagination whether one liked it or not. The design of a car, the consumption of tea, the working of the internet and the discovery of a black hole, all have one thing in common: it started as an idea that came about from a relentless persuit through discovery and discipline. He also talked about the ephemeral nature of our memories and remembrances; by nature, we are a forgetting rather than a remembering machine; and how, without discipline, we can never get to the heart of the matter whether said questions were epistemological or ontological. Finally, we had one hour of unadulterated pleasure with Brother Quirinus War as he jostled and jammed the whole auditorium, with all its occupants - students and staff - trying to hold on to their sanity as they all shimmied to the miscellaneous games he’d concocted out of thin air. By the end of the program, they were left breathless and animated; the new students wanting the classes to commence as soon as possible and the teachers eagerly waiting for a few gems hidden amongst the gold and copper faces. They thanked God for his blessings and ended the morning with a gracious offer of prayers, followed by a modest refreshment to assuage their appetite that was growling with impudence. It was a satisfying end to a wonderful program.

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