Visitation of Fr. K.P. Paul to Baijalbari Parish

Tripura 2nd November: On November 2nd, Fr. K.P. Paul from Kerala, belonging to Guwahati province, visited Tripura, particularly for the Baijalbari mission to meet Fr. Paul Panachikkal. Fr. K.P. Paul celebrated the Holy Eucharist, and during the homily, he spoke about four things: death, judgment, punishment, and reward. After the Holy Mass, Fr. Paul Panachikkal gave a brief introduction to Fr. K.P. Paul and his mission. Then the hostel boys felicitated Fr. K.P. Paul with a traditional Risa, and they also sang two welcome songs. Fr. K.P. Paul shared that he was a Salesian Brother for many years and decided to become a priest, and when he entered theology, it happened to be the same batch in theology as Fr. K.P. Paul and Fr. Paul Panachikkal. It is the first time for Fr. K.P. Paul to be in Tripura.

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