Tripura 18th August: On August 18, 2023, the tri-monthly recollection for the confreres of the Tripura region was held at Baijalbari Community. There were around 23 Confreres from different communities gathered for the recollection. The confreres consist of 5 clerics, 17 priests, and 1 lay brother. Fr. Paul and the community welcomed all the congregants with a sweet song and a smile on their faces. The hostel boys sang a beautiful welcome song, ‘As one family, we welcome you today, and one Kokborok welcome song. The recollection began with a beautiful hymn to the Holy Spirit, and Fr. Davies gave a recollection talk on discipleship and how to grow more in relationship with Jesus. After a brief talk by Fr. Davies, the Confreres spent time in deep reflection. The confreres also get a chance for confession and adoration, which were animated by Cl. Celestine and Cl.Khrawburom. After the moments of prayer, there was a sharing about the work project within the community and some other information for the regions to know. Fr. Babu Stephen organised a sharing moment. Fr. Suman Kiro shared about the programme he attended, organised by the armies. Fr. Sunny talked about the missionary animation and the seminar that will be held in the days to come. Fr. Sebastian talked about the construction that is going on at Don Bosco School Nandanagar and also about the budget that can be utilised within the region. Fr. Remol talked about the land case in Bishramganj, and he also talked about the need for separation between the hostel boys and girls. Fr. Paul Panachikkal elaborated on the church construction that is going on at Baijalbari parish and the expense for the church. He also talked about the faith of the people and stated that many are entering each year. Fr. PJ spoke about the peace centre and the translation work. He also commented on the Subrai YouTube channel, wherein the citizens of the region should be involved in the growth of this channel. The recollection ended with a solemn supper provided by the community of Baijalbari.

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