St. Xavier’s School Participated in the State Football Tournament

Tripura 13th July: On the 12th of July a football tournament was organized by the Sports Department of the Sapaijala District of Tripura. The purpose for this tournament was to select the qualified football team for the national level after which the best of all the teams will go to the International level. The particular match was organized only for one day; for them to check the qualified team from the various school around Tripura region. The St. Xavier’s School was fortunate enough to be invited to participate for this match. The first match was played between St. Mary’s School versus St. Xavier’s School Pathaliaghat. Fortunate enough, the St. Xavier’s school defeated St. Mary’s School. This win match made the St. Xavier’s School qualified itself to play for the final round. In the final match, the St. Xavier’s school played against the team of Takarjala and it got defeated. To conclude with, the St. Xavier’s school for no doubt provided various chances for each student to grow physically, intellectually and skillfully in various fields.

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