Shillong/Agartala 18th February: The new Priests’ day of St. John Paul II, Shillong Province was celebrated in a very solemn manner at St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School, Pathaliaghat on Saturday, the 18th of February 2023.

    The celebration began with a solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Father Abialstar Kharsohtun SDB and concelebrated by twenty six other priests from Tripura and Shillong. The presence of many other religious sisters, Salesian family members, Salesian cooperators, past-pupils, teachers, pre-novices, and students made the programme look a very grand and solemn. At the very outset of the Holy Eucharist, Father John Zosiama SDB, the vice-provincial gave the introduction and welcomed everyone to join the Province in thanking God for the gifts of these new four priests to our province and exhorted everyone to pray for them and for their priestly ministry.

    During the Holy Eucharist, Father Prabir Minj SDB read the Gospel and Father Protasius SDB preached a very nice homily. Immediately after Mass, a short felicitation programme was organized to felicitate all the four new priests (Fathers Protasisus S, Prabir, Aiborlang and Abialstar) Father Babu Stephen SDB, the principal of St. Xavier’s school, compered the programme. A meaningful prayer led by Brother Pynshaibha SDB set the tone for the programme which was followed by an enthralling dance by the school students of St. Xavier’s Pathaliaghat.   A beautiful choir by pre-novices of Herma added beauty and gaiety to the felicitation programme. Words of welcome by Father Blasius Kujur SDB, the Rector of Pathaliaghat made everyone feel at home and comfortable and by presenting a bouquet of flowers and Tripuri traditional Risa each to the new Priests made them look happy and cheerful. Father Hubert Thyrnang SDB and the boys from Mandwi made every happy with their lovely rendition of the song titled “we are called to be the light of the world.” The cooperators of Agartala unit presented one gift each to all the new priests as a token of their love and appreciation to them.

    The climax of the felicitation programme was the message by Father Paul Olphindro SDB, the provincial of Shillong province. It was indeed a powerful message given to the New Priests as they begin their priestly ministry. He spoke about the word PRIEST: He said that P: would mean be a Prayerful person always, R: not to be Ritualistic, I: show Interest in everything we do, E: be enthusiastic always, S: be a spiritual person in life and T: be a thinker and thoughtful person always and this would make one’s priestly life and ministry a great success and happier one. In the name of the province, all the new four priests were presented with a simple gift each.

    Father Aiborlang SDB, on behalf of all the new priests, expressed his gratitude to all who were present for the programme. He started his words of appreciation and gratitude with few words in Kokborok which made everyone feel good and he thanked everyone for making this day a memorable for them. His words of gratitude was appreciated and liked by all for being short and sweet. The entire programme came to an end with a piece of musical note by the Pre-novices of Herma. At the end of the programme a good dinner was served to all. The community of Pathaliagaht was thanked in a special way for organizing such a short and lovely programme and for all the hard work put in by the community and the sisters of Pathaliaghat.


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