Praying for Peace in Manipur: A Gathering at Don Bosco School Baijalbari

Shillong 26th June: On 24th June 2023, Don Bosco School Baijalbari organized a special event focused on praying for peace in the state of Manipur. The event was led by Br. Alexius Condpan, the Principal of the school, and aimed to unite the staff and students in their shared commitment to fostering peace, harmony, and justice in Manipur. Through prayers, the lighting of candles, and taking of an oath, the school community expressed their deep concern for the well-being of the state. The event commenced with a heartfelt introduction by Br. Alexius Condpan, the esteemed Principal of Don Bosco School Baijalbari. He emphasized the significance of praying for peace in Manipur, highlighting the challenges and conflicts that have affected the region. Br. Alexius Condpan stressed the importance of unity, empathy, and collective action in working towards a peaceful society. His words of encouragement and inspiration set the tone for the event. After the brief introduction by the principal, a candle lighting ceremony took place. Each participant was provided with a candle, symbolizing hope, unity, and enlightenment. The flickering flames illuminated the assembly area, creating a serene and peaceful ambiance. The act of lighting candles served as a visual representation of the collective commitment to spreading light and peace throughout Manipur. Following Candle Lighting Ceremony, a solemn prayer session was held. The staff and students gathered in the school's assembly area, creating a sense of togetherness. Led by the school's prayer group, participants offered heartfelt prayers for peace in Manipur. They sought divine intervention to bring an end to violence, promote understanding among diverse communities, and foster a culture of peace and justice. To further solidify their dedication to peace, staff and students took a solemn oath. Standing together, they recited a pledge to uphold the values of peace, justice, and harmony in their everyday actions. This oath symbolized their resolve-to-resolve conflicts peacefully, embrace diversity, and work towards eradicating discrimination and violence from society. The act of taking an oath reinforced the collective responsibility and determination of the school community. The prayer gathering held at Don Bosco School Baijalbari on 23rd June 2023, led by Br. Alexius Condpan, was a significant event that showcased the school community's deep concern for peace in Manipur. Through prayers, the lighting of candles, and the oath-taking ceremony, the staff and students demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fostering a peaceful and just society. It is events like these that highlight the transformative power of collective prayer and reinforce the notion that peace begins within each individual. By working together, the community at Don Bosco School Baijalbari aims to create a better future for Manipur, where peace and justice prevail for all its residents.

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