MSSDS (Meghalaya State Skills Development Society) organized STEMS Shared School Bus Drivers Training Program at Don Bosco Technical School Shillong

10th February 2023; Don Bosco Technical School Shillong: In a forward-thinking initiative, school bus drivers from STEMS (Sustainable Transport and Efficient Mobility Society) participated in an innovative training program hosted at the Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS) from 08th -10th February 2024. The program, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of STEMS bus drivers and caretakers focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of students during their daily commutes. Under the banner of the "MSSDS" program, the training at DBTS aimed to equip school bus drivers and caretakers with advanced skills and knowledge relevant to the unique challenges they face in ensuring a safe and secure environment for students. The comprehensive program covered a wide range of topics, including emergency response protocols, effective communication strategies with student, relationships between caretakers with students and their parents. The training also addressed the drivers' role in promoting positive behaviour and fostering a supportive atmosphere on the school bus. Notably, the program incorporated modules specifically tailored for the purpose. Practical simulations and hands-on training sessions were conducted to enhance the drivers' proficiency in handling various scenarios they might encounter during their routes. The initiative aligns with the district's commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. The program is expected to not only enhance the skills of the bus drivers but also contribute to fostering positive relationships between students and those responsible for their transportation. The success of this program at DBTS is anticipated to serve as a model for other districts, encouraging the adoption of similar training initiatives to elevate the standards of school bus transportation across the region.

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