Health Awareness Programme at Don Bosco College, Byndihati

Shillong 20th July: On 19th July 2023, Don Bosco College, Byndihati organized a one-day Health Awareness Programme for the College Students. The programme was animated by Dr. Judita Syiemlieh. This programme was conducted in order to raise an awareness about the importance of maintaining physical and mental health; to educate students about healthy lifestyle choices; to provide practical tips and resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle; to encourage students to engage in physical activities and exercise regularly; to address common health concerns and provide guidance on seeking help when needed. The outcomes of this event have been nothing short of remarkable. The awareness among our students about the significance of maintaining good health has skyrocketed. They have been inspired to make positive changes in their lives, adopting healthier habits and embracing physical activity. This programme has effectively conveyed its message, sparking a desire for change and leaving an indelible mark on the minds of our students.

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