12th December 2023,Shillong:The Seng Rangbah Katholik Balang Dong Sawmer organized the food fest cum fun and games on the 12th December, 2023 at Don Bosco Sunnyside Ground. The Activities started at 10:00 am with the prayer and the inauguration of the activities. The purpose of this fest was to raise fund for the Christmas Programme and to help the poor children of the village. Many men under the leadership of Bah Marcus Kharbhoi, the Secretary and Bah Thesius Kurbah and many others were the main organizers. There were men, women and youth including the children who collaborated with the team and organized the day. The programme was open to everyone who could come. Some of the main activities of the day were: Lucky Draw, Lucky Dip, Tossing the Ring, Shoot the Basket,Car race, Housie, Juke Box, Fishing, Hit the Tin, Tyre Shooting. The food stall on the other hand contained Chinese and Khasi dishes. All these food items and the activities attracted the neighborhood to come and experience. The Novitiate Community especially the Novices spent almost the whole afternoon with them interacting and playing the games as per their resources permitted them. They were given some special snacks too. Some Novices expressed their experiences as follows: “The hospitality of the organizers brought joy, satisfaction and greater socialization with the team.” Another novice observed, “The organizers managed everything so well because they organized themselves perfectly.” The other expression of the novice was, “The event is so cordial and friendly as if it was an event of the family.”.Fr. Master, Fr.Vettath Jose, Fr. Prabir and the Assistant went and congratulated the team to show appreciation and to build a strong rapport with the neighbourhood. The event went on up to 9:30 pm. The Community felt a sense of satisfaction for having facilitated the programme and the team too expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Community for the availability and goodness showed towards them.

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