Don Bosco school Seling hosted a soul -stirring praise and worship

Don Bosco school Seling, 12th January 2024: On January 12, 2024, Don Bosco School Seling hosted a soul-stirring praise and worship program, uniting students, staff, and well-wishers in gratitude for the blessings received over the years. Commencing at 10:30 am, the event, led by Principal Fr. Dominic Edde Ralte, featured spirited hymns sung by students and the devotional group "Project Faith" from Aizawl. Renowned Evangelist K. Lalngaihawma delivered a profound biblical insight, captivating the audience. The program, lasting an hour and a half, drew support from past pupils and friends of the school, fostering a sense of community. As the heartfelt celebration concluded, a spirit of gratitude and spiritual connection resonated among the attendees.

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