Shillong 9th April: Culture Literacy Programme titled “Tip ia la ka Kolshor” is an innovative venture of VIRTAS, Mawpdang. The year-long programme is intended to provide deeper knowledge of Khasi culture to the Khasi youth who are fast becoming ignornat about their own culture. There is an enthusiastic response to the programme from schools in and around Shillong. Till date, three groups have attended the programme and benefitted a lot from it. From the feedback received from both the teachers and the students, there is a lot of appreciation for the programme. More schools even from rural areas have expressed their desire to participate in the programme.

    On 7th April, VIRTAS saw another group of school students participating in the “Tip ia la ka Kolshor” programme. The group consisted of 93 students along with 3 teachers of the Sacred Heart Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Mawlai. Due to traffic jam, the group arrived late at VIRTAS. The programme started late at about 10.00 am and the first session began with the introductory address by Fr. Barnes Mawrie, the director and programme co-ordinator. This was followed by an input session on culture by Mrs. Ritisha Kharshong, assistant professor of Sociology at St. Edmund’s College. At 11.00 am a short coffee break followed. At 11.15 am the second session on Khasi culture was taken by Fr. Barnes which concluded with lunch break at 12.15 pm. After one hour of lunch break, the third session began at 1.15 pm on the topic Khasi traditional festivals. With the help of audio-visuals the session was made more interesting and effective. At 3.30 pm the day’s programme was concluded with the singing of the Khasi anthem which was followed by a vote of thanks by one of the students and a concluding prayer by Fr. Barnes. This was followed by tea at 4.00 pm after which the group departed from VIRTAS for their homes.


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