Shillong: Christ King School Sonapahar teachers' day celebration was held at Don Bosco hall on the 5th september 2022. The head of the church, Fr. Sabastian Tirkey sdb held a special mass and it began with the teachers’ procession down the nave of the church where, after being seated, were blessed to the enthusiastic sounding of the student choir. As the church and the institution itself moves forward towards its golden jubilee, he reminded everyone to keep in mind those teachers who’ve toiled in the past but were called to the heavenly abode for respite.

    The main event however began right after. John Kenny Iawphniaw and Eva Cynthia Synshiang did a wonderful job as main host and hostess of the celebration. The very essence of academia and academic responsibility were thrown to the wind as human creativity and composition were put on full display as waves after waves of imagination and invention and talent became the metier.
    Joymery Nongsiej conveyed statements of thanks followed by the presentation of a bouquet for all the teachers present. The flowers consisted mainly of chrysanthemums and verdant ferns that smelled of a sweet spring aroma. class XA performed a well rehearsed song followed by a dance. class B and then class IV followed it right after.
    Fr. Sabastian Tirkey gave a short speech honouring the teachers and their hard work. Class I did a dance number followed by class VII and Unisha Shyrkon and group, much to the wild applause of fellow students.
    A Game for male teachers shortly commenced. It was arm wrestling; and as their arms, cushioned atop the softest powder blue and baby pink pillows, they grunted and growled with equal zeal and discomfort, with only the one winner to take it all. After a much-frenzied brawl and bravado, Sir Mrinal came on top and took home the top prize.
    Class XA did a wonderful dance skit composed of various trends, from western hip hop and pop to bollywood tropes. Class III and VIII also performed a well choreographed and at times, funny dance number mixing youth invariably with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the vitality as well as their stamina for cupid’s arrows that was beguiling them at present. Another dance followed by IXB with equal part deftness and confidence that could rival Apollo and Daphne.
    Phindarisuk Thongni from XB gave a wonderful address to the teachers present, preceded by a short speech by class V and a fancy dress and song by class VI. Class XI also performed a short dance skit followed by a song strummed by Mebanroi and his group. Venigrace, Larishai and Gilbert (and their group) also dazzled the audience with their own creative dance number much to the loud roar of the students and teachers. Sunita Kynshi from XA ended the programme with a vote of gratitude to all the students and staff members that had made the Teacher’s Day extravaganza a resounding success, one that had brimmed everyone present with a sense of faith and exhilaration and bountiful vitalities.


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