Bosco Pnar observes ‘Certification Day’

Jowai 6th July: Certification day is not just the cessation of the time spent at the training centre, but simultaneously the commencement of life outside the four walls of this safe refuge. The events of the day unfolded from 1: pm to 2:30 pm when the Director of the institution Fr Francisco Dhar greeted our guests and friends with words of welcome and felicitated the chief guest sir F.B Basan. The presentation of the certificates to the students was interspersed with a spectacular performance of songs and dance and a glamourous Fashion show from the designer students. The chief guest addressed and advised the students to cultivate the skills of wisdom, nurturing it like a plant, in tranquillity and calmness and enriching it now and then with real-life interactions with peers and elders.

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