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Shillong 4th April: Greetings from Bosco Home Herma. Our Sunday oratories have become an indispensable part of our stay at Bosco Home. Even during the covid days we did not break the rhythm of going to the villages. Every Sunday we leave our community soon after a heavy breakfast and powerful anointing prayers. We visit seven different oratories. Brothers of three oratories use bicycles to reach the villages. In the villages we visit families of Catholics, non Catholics and non Christians, pray for the families, and invite Catholics to be regular for church services. With our limited knowledge of Kokborok we manage to dialogue with the old people of the villages. Often young students of our schools help us with translations. All the villages have become very welcoming and friendly. Their generous and kind hearts, provide food and snacks for our bodies. Many children follow us back to the house every Sunday. We enjoy going to the oratories and eagerly wait for Sundays to come.

    In the month of August we had a 7 days Discipleship Training Programme (DTP) conducted by Br.Siby Mathew and his team from Missionaries of World Evangelisation. It was a transforming experience for us. We were taught to use the Charisms of the Holy Spirit in our ministry in a practical way. Our personal lives were touched and we realized that we too can proclaim Jesus to the people of the region without much of human abilities, by merely depending on the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    27th February was a special day for Morgaong oratory. For the first time we carried a LCD projector and Laptop to the village to teach catechism. With the projector and laptop in our bags we got on to our bicycles for the long ride to the village. Our oratory was the first privileged group to have the projector for our use. Using audio visual aids like the early missionaries, we taught the Catholics of the village the first commandment. We used power point presentation, mixed with video clippings. It was very nice to see the young and old listen attentively to what was being taught. We used a translator to explain the lesson to the faithful. They were very receptive and open to the word of God and catechesis.

    On Friday the 4th of March we went again, to take part for the first time in the way of the cross in Kokborok and to show them the movie The Passion of the Christ. Being a small catholic village, only about 30 people came to take part in the programme. They were moved by watching the movie. We are indeed blessed to get such opportunities to go to the villages and to proclaim Jesus to the people. Thanks to our benefactors, superiors and friends for all the support and help.


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