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Shillong 16th August:Every 16th of August is memorable for Salesians of Don Bosco across the globe. Memorable because it’s the birthday of Don Bosco himself, the founder and Father of the more than one and a half centennial year old congregation present in over 130 countries. Fathers, Brothers, young people, past pupils and various Salesian family members gather around him to wish him Happy Birthday in heaven. This year, at Don Bosco Sunnyside, the Salesian Novitiate of Shillong province, the birthday celebration was made even more memorable as the Provincial Rev Father Paul O Lyngkot released a book title ‘All in a family’ authored by veteran Salesians in the presence of the Novice master, the socius, the dean of studies, the assistant and the novices. The first copy of the book was given to the Novice master. All in the family is a compilation authored by Fathers Anthony Mampra, John Kalapura, Roland Kharkrang, D John and Thomas Puliparambil and also FMA Sister Eugenia Laloo and VSDB Sister Martha Masynting. The book provides insight into the vibrant and dynamic Salesian life in the last 100 years and more in India and particularly in the North East India. It is also a testament to the tireless and unwavering commitment of the Salesian Family members besides showcasing to the world the richness and diversity of the Salesian Charism fabricated in the local cultures of the North East. Indeed this book will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for all readers specially the Salesians in the North East who had just celebrated the Centenary of the Arrival of the Salesian Charism in the North East India

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