A short story of Rangblang Parish

Rangblang Parish, established on 6th February 1981, emerged as a vibrant faith community through the division of Nongstoin Pyndengrei Parish. Under the dedicated leadership of its first Parish Priest, Fr. Philip Giraudo, the parish thrived. Over the years, it was shepherded by a succession of devoted priests including Late Fr. Leonard Kharkongor, Fr. Telesphore Nonglang, Fr. Kenny Pakma, Late Fr. Justine Lyngkhoi, Fr. Sebastian Tirkey, Fr. Stephen Kharbani, Fr. Alphonsius Rongrin, and several others. The foundation of Rangblang Parish was strengthened by the invaluable contributions of missionaries like Fr. Guilius Costa, Fr. Felix Matta, Fr. Carmel Attard, Fr. Roger Toneguzzo, Fr. John Premoli, Fr. Manuel Albizuri, Rr. Varkey Chittoor, and Fr. Carmelo Spitale. Their dedication and zeal played a significant role in shaping the spiritual landscape of the parish. Rangblang Parish holds a special place in the hearts of the community as it has been a cradle of religious vocations, producing many priests and religious individuals. Notably, it is the cherished home parish of the present Bishop of Nongstoin, Bp. Wilbert Marwein. The parish stands as a testament to the faith, perseverance, and unity of its members, making it a beacon of spirituality in the region.

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