Winter Camp: Scout and Guide Camp -2023

18th November 2023,Tripura: “LEARNING THROUGH EXPERIENCE” was the theme of the Scout and Guides Camp which was held from 16th – 18th November. It was a great undertaking made by all the Principals of the Don Bosco School at Tripura Region under the leadership of Fr. Suman Kiro. This was the first Scout and Guide Camp held at Don Bosco School, Bishramganj; organized by DON BOSCO SCHOOLS, TRIPURA REGION; where the students of all the Salesian schools participated except Don Bosco Pitra could not participate because of the jubilee celebration. On the 16th November, all the students came with their scout masters and guides captain for this adventurous gathering. At 11:20 am, Fr. Suman Kiro our Camp Chief addressed the gathering and welcome everyone. He gave the necessary instructions regarding the campsite and gave the reasons why er are having this camping. All the scouts and guides were given a diary each. We were instructed how to reach the campsite by following the signs and symbols. Many were confused and wandering in the rubber garden since it was the first time for them. After a lot of discussions and observing the signs and symbols we managed to reach the destination. All the scouts and guides are given 10 minutes to pitch their own tent according to the groups. The inaugural ceremony begins with the hoisting of the Bharat Scout and Guides Flag and everyone was excited for the next activities. Fr. Suman our camp chief introduced the Group Leader Mr. Alphonese Raphael Lazar and the Assistant Camp Chief Fr. J. D. Solomon. The first day at the camp site was memorable. In the evening we had the camp fire and Fr. Babu Stephen was our Guest, who declared the Scouts and Guides Camping open. There were games conducted by the brothers from Bosco Home Herma. On the 17th, we were unable to proceed to our campsite due to the heavy rainfall. That’s not the end of the camping, our camp chief, asst Camp Chief, Mr. Lazar and the Brothers managed to make the students occupied with different activities and games and some classes were conducted. Inspite of the rain and lack of electricity we still enjoy the courses. Even though we miss the adventurous games, hiking and trekking but our spirit did not end. The scout masters and the Guides captain also learn and teach the Scouts and Guides. All the teachers from the different schools showed kin interest for camping. On the 18th, there were also some activities conducted like party games and competitions. We learn about disaster management and how to help an injured person. The courses went on well and everyone enjoyed the moment of togetherness. The presents of all the Scouts masters and Guides captain of the different schools really help the students. Without forgetting Mr. Alphonese Raphael Lazar and Fr. J.D. Solomon the resource person who guided all of us, especially the students. We solemnly concluded the scouts and Guides Camp 2023 by lowering the Bharat Scout and Guides Flag. Thank you to everyone who participated in this camping. The students have learned many things from the camp. Special thanks to our resource persons Mr. Lazar and Fr. Solomon who share various skills with the young scouts and guides, how to develop leadership qualities of mind and heart, how to grow in the various stages of Scouting and Guiding and how to discipline oneself. We thanked also our Patron Fr. Remol Marak, who took great care all of us regarding our food, shelter and every other arrangement from Day 1 to Day 3. We thanked Bishramganj School for the accommodations of all the students and the teachers. The total number of students present for the Scout and Guide Camp was 173, 15 Teachers, 5 Brothers and 3 Scout Masters. Overall present 196 members. We raise our voices and thank God who guided us from the beginning to the end of our Camping and managed to conclude it successfully.

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