3rd December,Shillong: On the mid Sunday afternoon of 3rd December 2023, the St. Dominic Savio Oratory, 7th mile(Hynñiew Mer) came to Don Bosco Sunnyside Upper Shillong for the unveiling of the Memorial Placard that marks the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Oratory since its existence and the services rendered by the Salesian Novices. The programme was integrated with the Spiritual preparation for the concluding day of the Jubilee on January, 2024. This programme was organized by the Centre in collaboration with the brothers and the staff of Don Bosco Sunnyside. The Programme began with the Unveiling Ceremony at St. Dominic Savio Garden by Rev. Fr. Pyndeilang Khongkhlad Sdb along with Rev. Fr.Vettath Jose sdb, and Rev. Fr. Prabir Minj Sdb in the presence of all the Oratory Children, youth and some women of 7th mile(Hynñiew Mer). Fr. Pyndeilang Khongkhlad also gave a short talk where he congratulated the Centre and he told the children and youth that Dominic Savio is the fruit of the guidance given by Don Bosco. He further exhorted the children and youth to imitate the Virtues of the saint. The Spiritual Programme started at 2:00 pm with the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the benediction animated by Br. Promentius Ronghang along with the other brothers. There were various activities for the younger children and at the same a session for the youth was going on taken by Br. Ronghang to which he spoke about the Working Power of the Holy Spirit. The day ended with the praise and worship and a blessing. The St. Dominic Savio Oratory Hynñiew Mer was very grateful to the Community of Don Bosco Sunnyside for facilitating the programme for them. It was a beautiful and a memorable day both for the Oratory centre and the Community.

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