29th February 2024, Sunnyside Shillong: The Novitiate Community organizes a Seminar on the Missions on the 29th February, 2024. There are thirty Novices presenting their papers with their own sub-themes. The Theme is divided into five sub-themes. Those themes are as follows: Understanding the Various Terms of the Missions, the Concept of Missions in the Scriptures, Encyclicals on the Missions, the Documents on the Missions and Don Bosco and his missions. The event started at 9:00 am, with the hymn to the Holy Spirit and the prayer led by Br. Assistant. The Administrator, Fr. Pyndeilang Khongkhlad welcomed everyone and encouraged the presenters to do their best in presenting their Seminar Papers. He also shared the meaning of the Mission and its implications. He concluded with the following facts that the Lord Jesus is the model and perfect example of the mission because He is the missionary sent by the Father. The Church He establishes is also missionary by nature. Therefore, every baptized has an obligation to witness and proclaim Christ by his word and deed. There are three sessions in the morning presented by the three sodalities (Marian, Missionary and Liturgy). The Seminar resumed in the evening at 5:00 pm and was over by 7:30 pm. The last two sessions were presented by two Sodalities (Auxiliary and Salesian Sodalities). At the end of the Seminar, the Novice Master, Fr. Vettath Jose appreciated the confreres and congratulated the Novices, expressing his satisfaction and contentment of seeing the Novices growing and becoming capable of doing things beautifully. He exhorted everyone to not only learn but also live and practice what we have learnt during the course of the Seminar. The remarkable event of the day ended with the Vote of thanks proposed by a Nov. Emil Jose Surin from ING Province and the hymn to Don Bosco.

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