School Fete and Food Fest at Sacred Heart Boys Higher Secondary School, Mawlai

Shillong 19th June: On 17 June 2023 was the feast day of the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart Boys Higher Secondary School Mawlai celebrated the Feast Day by having different programmes such as the Holy Eucharist, The Fete and the Food Fest. The first programme was the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at Sacred Heart Shrine, Mawlai where Archbishop of Shillong, Most Rev. Victor Lyngdoh was the main celebrant. The concelebrants were Fr. Alistair Marwein and Fr. Hampyrwa Tyngkan, the principal and vice principal respectively. It was observed that the teachers, students and all who were there participated actively during the Mass. After the Mass all came back to the school campus where all other events took place, utilizing the available outdoor space, classrooms, and playgrounds. Through the help of the teachers, the class 10 and class 12 Students actively participated in organizing the events, managing stalls, and conducting various activities which enhanced their leadership and organizational skills. A wide variety of food stalls were set up, offering diverse delicacies and ensuring there was something for everyone. Numerous game stalls were set up too, including sports activities, a lucky draw, and other party games providing entertainment for all age groups. Dancing competition was also conducted where the students showcased their dancing skills.The primary objectives of the School Fete and Food Fest were to raise funds for the infrastructure development of the school, to encourage participation from students, and to promote a sense of belonging. The School Fete and Food Fest organized by Sacred Heart Boys Higher Secondary School proved to be a successful and memorable event. The event not only strengthened the bond between the students and the staff but also served as a platform to showcase the talents of the students. The programme ended with the distribution of the prizes to winners of different events.

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