6th July 2024, Herma: On July 6, 2024, at 5:30 PM, a drawing competition was held aimed at enhancing drawing skills and fostering a deeper understanding of arts among pre-novices. The event took place in the presence of esteemed guests including Fr. Glorius Syiemlieh SDB (Rector of Bosco Home Herma), Fr. Isaac Mattappillil SDB (confessor), Deacon Santreki Muliar SDB (Counselor), Br. Arkidon Kharmawphlang SDB, and Br. Leo Myrchiang SDB (Assistant). The competition was a vibrant display of creativity, with participants showcasing their artistic talents through various themes and mediums. Each participant demonstrated a unique approach, reflecting their individual styles and interpretations of the given subjects. Fr. Glorius Syiemlieh commended the participants for their efforts and emphasized the importance of art in spiritual and personal development. Fr. Isaak echoed this sentiment, highlighting the role of creativity in nurturing holistic growth among pre-novices. Evaluation of the artworks of the pre-novices was based on creativity, technique, and thematic relevance. Overall, the drawing competition was a resounding success, fostering camaraderie and a deeper appreciation for the arts among the pre-novices. Participants left with renewed inspiration and motivation to continue their artistic journeys.

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