Heartfelt Farewell and Bright Beginnings: Lower Primary Graduation Day at St. Anthony’s LP School, Shillong

8th December 2023; Shillong: - In a touching and cheerful ceremony that blended nostalgia with anticipation, St. Anthony’s Lower Primary School bid farewell to its youngest stars during the Lower Primary Graduation and Farewell Day on the 8th of December 2023. The event was a delightful culmination of the children's initial years in school, celebrated with warmth, laughter, and a touch of sentimentality. The school's auditorium transformed into a kaleidoscope of Colors as the young graduates, donned in adorable caps and gowns, took centre stage. Parents, teachers, and staff filled the room, their hearts brimming with pride at the sight of the soon-to-be first-graders, ready to spread their wings. The program commenced with a heartening address by the Principal Fr. Raphael Tham, who shared anecdotes of the children's growth and accomplishments throughout their lower primary journey. A wave of emotions filled the room as teachers expressed their admiration for the students, reminiscing about the shared laughter, challenges, and milestones achieved together. The children, in turn, presented a delightful array of performances, showcasing their talents and creativity. From charming dances to choir singing, each act reflected the unique spirit of the graduating class. As the highlight of the ceremony, the graduates received their certificates amid thunderous applause from parents and well-wishers. The certificates weren't just symbols of academic achievements; they represented the laughter, friendship, and love for learning that had flourished within the walls of the lower primary section. Parents, watched as their little ones were celebrated for their accomplishments, both big and small. The event served not only as a farewell but as a bridge to the exciting journey ahead. The Graduation Cum Farewell Day concluded with snacks and tea, where parents, teachers, and students shared fond memories, exchanged best wishes. The atmosphere was one of celebration, unity, and the promise of bright beginnings. As the lower primary graduates move onward, St. Anthony’s LP School takes pride in sending forth a group of confident, curious, and spirited learners. The event encapsulated the school's commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering a love for knowledge, and creating cherished memories that will linger in the hearts of students, parents, and educators alike. The Students of St. Anthony’s Lower Primary School will join their big brothers in the St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School Shillong.

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