Celebrating Diversity and Heritage: Christ King School’s First Culture Fest ’23 Is A Smash Hit

Christ King School Mawshynrut, 29th september 2023: Christ King School nestled in the heart of Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills, recently hosted its first ever Cultural Fest '23, on the 29th of September 2023, a momentous occasion that brought together students, staff, and the local community to celebrate the rich tapestry of the region's diverse cultures. This inaugural event was marked by a cornucopia of culture: a rich display of traditional attire, a culinary extravaganza, and a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of the Khasis, the Garos and the adjacent yet supernumerary tribes of Northeast India. The highlight of the Culture Fest were the traditional Khasi and Garo outfits worn by both boys and girls. The campus was transformed into a sea of colours and patterns as students proudly showcased the intricate designs of their Khasi and Garo attire. The culinary aspect of the festival was equally enthralling, with students presenting a delectable array of local dishes. From the spicy and aromatic Lyngngam delicacies to the savoury and sweet Maram and Nongtrai cuisines, attendees were treated to a feast for the senses. Students and staff adorned themselves in the rich garments of Assam, Mizo, Manipuri, and other tribes. The campus became a living museum of colours and traditions, revealing the beauty and diversity of the entire region. The event was graced by the presence of our Parish Priest, Fr. Sabastian Tirkey sdb, Headmistress Sr. Methelina Sangma, as well as dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff. The day was engaged by esteemed chief guests, including Fr. Paul Olphindro Lyngkot, Salesian Provincial of Shillong Province, and Shri. Regional Kharkongor, the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Mawshynrut Civil Sub-divisional. Adding a melodious and rhythmic dimension to the festival, the Culture Fest featured a traditional music and dance competition. Students put forth captivating performances that showcased the rich musical and dance traditions of the region. Furthermore, the event included a science model exhibition, where students from the Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green Houses of Christ King School – along with their counterparts from its sister school, Don Bosco Lakeshore, showcased innovative and educational models. This exhibition highlighted the school's commitment to holistic education, where arts and sciences, knowledge and imagination, coexist harmoniously. Here are the champions in their respective categories: - - Food Preparation and Presentation: The Red House from Christ King School, led by Flavia Dorothy Marbaniang and Vincent Paul Diengngan, claimed the top spot. Yellow House from Christ King School and Blue House from Don Bosco Lakeshore secured second and third place, respectively. - The Science Model Competition: The Red House of Christ King School emerged as the victors, with leadership from Ibalakyntiew Synshiang and her team members Mecacy Kynter, Mackystar Dkhar, and Pynshembha Iawphniaw. Yellow House from CKS and Green House from DBL took second and third place. - Cultural Dance Competition: First place was awarded to Blue House of CKS for their captivating Bihu Dance performance. Red House from DBL showcased the Khasi/Pnar Shad Nongrep dance and secured second place, while Green House from CKS earned third place with their Fusion Dance of Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo tribes.

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