26th February 2024, Rangblang: In the tranquil setting of Nongkhlaw Village, nestled within the serene embrace of Rangblang Parish, the sacred event of faith unfolded with grace and reverence from the 24th to the 25th of February, 2024. Under the guiding theme of "Ka Nongrim jong ka Jingngeit Katholik," the spirit of Catholicism flourished. Amidst the gentle drizzle, a devout gathering convened for the holy occasion, graced by the presence of esteemed leaders including Mr. Kynsai Iawphniaw, the revered President of Seng Rangbah Nongstoin Diocese, alongside fellow diocesan dignitaries, sisters and a good numbers of the faithful. On the blessed Sunday, amidst the celestial hymns and whispered prayers, the reverent Holy Mass was solemnly administered by Fr. Edmund Lakra, the esteemed Parish Priest, accompanied by the Asst. Parish Priest, Fr. Jeffree Kharkongor. Following the sacred rites, a poignant moment of recognition was bestowed upon Mr. Charles Paliar and Elizabeth Shangrit, the exemplary couple who nurtured the seeds of Catholic faith amidst a community predominantly of Presbyterian and Balang u Blei. As the sun gently arced across the heavens, nurturing both body and soul, the faithful congregated for a spiritually enriching discourse on "Jesus: The bread of Life" graciously imparted by Mr. Kynsai Iawphniaw. The air was imbued with the solemnity of Benediction, drawing forth the devout hearts in humble adoration. In the hallowed embrace of faith, a multitude of faithful souls bore witness to the profound love and unwavering devotion, illuminating Nongkhlaw Village with the radiant light of Catholicism.

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