22nd June 2024, Tripura: An extempore speech session was conducted at Bosco Home, Herma, Tripura on 22 June 2024, aimed at enhancing the communication skills of the pre-novices residing there. The event commenced promptly at 5:30 PM and saw enthusiastic participation from 30 pre-novices. The session began with an introduction by the organizers (Benand Andrew Marbaniang & Richard L Lyngkhoi), emphasizing the importance of effective communication in personal and professional life. Each pre-novice was given a topic randomly based on the lot they pick up, allowing them minimal preparation time to encourage spontaneous speaking. The topics covered a wide range of themes including personal experiences, social issues, and aspirations for the future. Participants exhibited commendable confidence and creativity in their presentations, showcasing their evolving communication abilities. Feedback was provided to each participant immediately after their speech, focusing on strengths and areas for improvement. The atmosphere was supportive and encouraging, fostering a positive learning environment. The session concluded with a brief reflection period where Fr. Glorius Syiemlieh SDB (the Rector of Bosco Home Herma, Tripura) shared his thoughts on the experience and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to develop their speaking skills. Overall, the extempore speech session at Bosco Home, Herma was a resounding success. It provided valuable practical experience in public speaking for the pre-novices, contributing significantly to their personal development. The organizers expressed satisfaction with the turnout and participation level, affirming their commitment to organizing similar events in the future. This report captures the essence of the event and highlights its impact on the participants' communication skills and confidence.

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