Sunnyside,28th November 2023:The 28th November 2023, was a great and memorable day for the Novitiate Community. It was on this day that the Community organized a Seminar on the Salesian Hagiography. The Hagiography includes: The Saints, the Blesseds, the Venerables, the Servants of God and the Saints connected with Don Bosco.The event started at 9:00 am with the hymn to the Holy Spirit and prayer led by a novice Patrick Pasleiñ. It was followed by the Welcome Speech by Banteiburom Mukhim. After which, the Assistant gave a word of encouragement to the thirty Novices. There were five groups presenting the Seminar in Sodality wise. The whole day was dedicated to this theme. Three groups presented in the morning and two groups did in the evening. There was a break only in the afternoon. The Seminar resumed at five O'clock in the evening. One of the beautiful and unique things of this Seminar was that the Novices learnt by heart one virtue of the saint that they admired the most and shared with everyone. The Seminar ended by 7:00 pm where the Socius, Fr. Prabir Minj congratulated the Novices and acknowledged their hard work, efforts, enthusiasm and dedication showed in this Seminar. He also shared the number of the saints in the Salesian Congregation. The great event was concluded with the Vote of thanks by a novice Johnny Bosco Mardi and the hymn to Don Bosco.

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