St. Anthony’s LP School conducted Teacher’s Orientation Program under the theme ‘Mindful Living’.

Don Bosco AV Hall, Don Bosco Technical School; 22nd and 23rd February 2024: The two-day teacher’s orientation at Saint Anthony’s Lower Primary School aimed to enhance educators’ understanding of mindful living, with Sister Greta Robert serving as the resource person. The session commenced with a warm welcome and introduction by the Principal of the School, highlighting the significance of mindful living in fostering a positive and conducive learning environment. Sister Greta Robert then delved into the core principles of mindfulness, emphasizing the importance of being present in the moment, cultivating self-awareness, and managing stress effectively. Interactive workshops and group activities allowed teachers to actively engage with the concepts discussed. Sister Greta provided practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness into daily teaching practices, creating a connection between personal well-being and professional growth. The second day focused on applying mindfulness techniques in the classroom. Sister Greta shared effective pedagogical approaches, demonstrating how teachers can integrate mindful practices into lesson planning and student interactions. The session also addressed ways to create a harmonious and mindful classroom environment, promoting both academic and emotional development. The interactive Questions and Answers session provided an opportunity for teachers to seek clarification and share personal experiences related to implementing mindfulness in an educational context. The orientation concluded with a reflection session, allowing teachers to share their insights and express gratitude to Sister Greta for her invaluable guidance. The event successfully equipped educators with practical tools to foster mindful living in both their personal lives and professional endeavors, contributing to an enriched teaching and learning experience at Saint Anthony’s Lower Primary School.

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