Lawngtlai, in the diocese of Aizawl, was established in 1998 as a parish. A fast developing town of Mizoram, Lawngtlai is about 287 Kms from Aizawl, the capital town.  95% of the people are Christians belonging to several denominations.


In 1991, Fr. Anthony Valluran reached Saiha in order to find out the possibilities of beginning a Salesian apostolate in Mizoram. As he began his stay at Saiha, he also visited Lawngtlai as there were a few Catholics there. Land donations were done during the years that he was at Saiha. 

On 20th March 1994, Fr. Alexis Sanglura began the Don Bosco School at Lawngtlai.  During this time, Fr. James Puthenthara was the Parish Priest at Saiha. The school began in the donated property that was belonging to a trust. The school began with the KG section with 50 students and 2 lady teachers brought from Mawlai, Shillong. By February 1995, a rather good school as well as a church building were got ready. Both were wiped away in a major landslide on 17th May 1995.  
The school then shifted at first to the Southern Baptist High School and later to the Regional High School. Finally, the Pastorate Church and compound of the Presbyterians was bought by Fr. Sanglura for Rs. 4.5 lakhs. Fr. James Puthenthara (P.P. of Saiha) came to stay at Lawngtlai on 5th May 1998. He came to stay as requested by Fr. Provincial to look after and develop it as a new centre. He stayed in the house of Mr. Peter C. Chalngura (Catholic leader) till a temporary shed could be prepared within the school compound.
In July 1998, he moved to a shed within the school premises and soon after a teacher (Mr. Innocent Kujur) joined him. In September 1998, Fr. Benedict Toppo was sent here by Fr. Provincial as the Assistant Parish Priest to be later appointed by the Bishop. On July 23rd, 1999, Rev. Bro. Mathew Vazhamplackal joined the community as administrator. Lawngtlai was erected as a Quasi parish by the bishop of Aizawl on 27th December 1998.