12.    SELING (1993) C- 2005 

Patron    :    St. John Bosco

Diocese :    Aizawl 

    :    Don Bosco School

        Seling P.O.

        Mizoram – 796 161

(    :    (0389)    2370279            Sch

            2370379            Rt

Fr. Puthenthara James    PP, VR    9436142903


Fr. Doungel James    Adm, AHm, App    8414998136

Cl. Thanglamtuanga Mark    PT2

Fr. Valluran Anthony    App,Thenzawl Inc., Cs    9435071032

Fr. Warlarpih Christopher     Rt & Prin    9436195780


St Mary’s Convent MSMHC    (0389) 2370513


Assisi Convent (FCC) Darlawn    8014124258


Assisi Convent (FCC) Khawruhlian    8415847719




We accepted to start our presence in Saiha, Mizoram, with the condition that we be allowed to start at least one presence in Aizawl or in its vicinity. Many priests suggested Seling as a possible location as it was 40 km away from Aizawl and had an aerodrome just 21 kms away. 

On 11th November 1993, Fr. Valluran left Saiha and came to stay at Seling. A house in Seling was rented as the first residence. In February 1994, a school was started up to Upper KG. Soon, with contributions from the government and other organisations, a semi-permanent shed for the school was built in the land purchased. The Quasi parish of Seling was carved out of the two parishes of Aizawl and Chhingchip.