NONGTHYMMAI (1976)                      C-1992
Bl. Philip Rinaldi                              Patron
Shillong Archdiocese
(Attached Presence : Laitkor)

Catholic Church
Nongthymmai, Shillong – 793 014
(0364) 2521331                                Parish
2521034                                             PP
2521553                                             School
9436115207                                       Fr. P.A. Thomas
9436103718                                       Fr. Anthony Kharkongor

Fr. Kharkongor Anthony                   V. Prin., APP, Cs
Fr. Puliparambil Thomas                   VR, Prin., Asst. PP
Fr. Edmund Gomes                     Rector & PP
Convents :
FMA – Auxilium Convent               (0364) 2534588
VSDB – Magnificat Convent          (0364) 2232843
CFMSS – Nongrim Hill                     (0364)2520988
Sisters of Charity                              (0364) 2534600

The parish of Nongthymmai is the biggest parish of the Archdiocese of Shillong. Meghalaya. It has a Catholic population of 25,000 in more than 3,000 families living in the city as well as in 23 villages. The parish is entrusted to the Salesians permanently as per the agreement signed between Archbishop Hubert D’Rosario and the Salesian Provincial, Fr. Mathew Pulingathil on 13-07-1976.
The parish had its beginning as a sub centre of the Laitumkhrah parish in 1971 under the leadership of a zealous Salesian missionary Fr. Usai, who was then the Assistant parish priest of Laitumkhrah. In his effort to find a place to start the work, he rented a plot of land in Nongshiliang, where the present H. Elias School is situated and constructed a small school with two class rooms. Initially, the parish priest of Laitumkhrah, Fr. Vanni, paid the rent of the land. In less than a year, after the starting of the school, Fr. Usai succeeded in procuring a plot of land in the locality, for the parish house, church and playground.  The site was leveled and Fr. Usai extended the school building with office, bed room, etc and started staying there.
In 1973, the new parish house was built. From 1974, Fr. Usai came to reside in the new parish house and continued the leveling and extension of the playground. Regular Sunday masses started for the parishioners in the adjacent Auxilium school hall. In 1975, Fr. Ignatius Rubio started the construction of the new parish church. Fr. Herman joined Fr. Usai in the year 1976. In the same year, H. Elias Memorial School (in memory of Fr. H. Elias, a gifted Khasi Salesian writer) was granted departmental permission by the government of Meghalaya. In 1977, Fr. Herman was appointed the parish priest. In 1978, Archbishop Hubert D’ Rosario blessed the new church and the hall.
In 1982, a two-storey building was constructed both for the M.E and high School sections of the school. In 1985, the high school was officially opened with Fr. Thomas Mattam as the first Headmaster. In 1989, a three-storey building was constructed adjacent to the old M.E and High School sections, providing better facilities for the L.P. and nursery classes.
From 2004, Laitkor began to be looked independently by Fr. Marius Thongnibah, in view of it being carved out of Nongthymmai into a new parish.